Background of the contest

The activity of "Huabo Expo" is an important measure of Tianjin to deepen opening up to the outside world, accelerate investment attraction and realize the talent gathering and intelligence introduction. As one of the important contents of the activity, 2017 "TEDA•HUABO CUP" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for Overseas Chinese was held successfully in Tianjin in June last year. The contest gathered global innovation intelligence and attracted overseas Chinese and domestic innovative entrepreneurs to actively participate in the contest, achieving good results.

In 2018, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Tianjin Municipal People's Government and Management Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area will continuously implement the "innovative action plan of mass overseas Chinese "of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council and invite global overseas Chinese to conduct negotiation in Tianjin to seek for cooperation opportunities and realize joint development. The contest will be in accordance with the overall requirements of national mass entrepreneurship and innovation serving real economy, aim at overseas Chinese professionals at home and abroad to integrate high-quality innovative elements, provide services for local entity enterprises with technical demands in Tianjin, smooth the interconnected channel between enterprises with demands and technological results, stimulate the creative vitality and enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship of more creative talents and outstanding leaders among overseas Chinese to build the "new engine" of economic development in Tianjin, and provide long-time power for the economic development of Tianjin.

Organizer: Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Tianjin Municipal People's Government and Management Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area

Undertaker: Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Technology and Industry Innovation Bureau of Management Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area


Technical holders with creative ability, successful cases and aiming at demands of certain contest question among self-employed teams, individual, scientific research institutions, universities, start-up enterprises and leading enterprises (including but not limited to overseas Chinese).

Contest awards

The contest sets up 5 contest problems in all. Each contest problem sets up 1 first prize with the bonus of RMB 150,000; and 1 second prize with the bonus of RMB 50,000. The bonus of each contest problem is RMB 20,000 in total and the bonus of 5 contest problems adds up to RMB 1 million. For the technology supply and demand sides continuing to carry out transfer of results after the competition, a special award of up to 5 million yuan will be awarded.

Contest benefits

The contest platform is a all-win platform for technical demanders, technical suppliers and technical mediators. All parties contribute their respective advantageous resources and share innovative achievements and interests on the platform.

Competition system

In accordance with new requirements in the process of the new era and new development to carry out the concept of high-quality development of "the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", the contest will focus on the demands of entity enterprises in Tianjin, take full advantage of global innovation resources to help enterprises with demands to solve actual problems and promote the deep integration of industry, scientific research and utilization. The contest will surround the new generation of information technology, intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection and other key industrial fields, choose enterprises with technical demands as the units to set a question of the contest and make the contest question according to actual technological demands of enterprises. It will mainly dock with and organize technical holders with innovative ability and successful cases among overseas Chinese at home and abroad (including but not limited to) to provide the demand solutions for the technical demander. Through the comprehensive evaluation including the preliminary contest, final contest and other links, each award of the contest will be selected in the end, which will promote the establishment of cooperative relationship between technical demanders and technical suppliers.

Benefits of enterprises releasing demands:

1. Gather national innovation resources to collect the technical problem solutions for the enterprises with demands free of charge with the help of the national influence of the contest platform.
2. Make use of the national influence of the contest platform to promote the innovation culture and products of enterprises with demands, have the opportunity to integrate all kinds of innovative resources nationwide and accelerate the innovation process of enterprise technology and product.
3. Enterprises releasing demands that successfully realize technology supply and demand connection in the process of contest will be recommended preferentially to be included in the support of Tianjin Science And Technology Plan Project.

Benefits of competing teams:

1. Communicate and dock with well-known enterprises, conduct technical cooperation development or entrusted development with well-known enterprises and obtain orders from well-known enterprises.
2. The competing teams will be provided with services including science and technology policy consulting, enterprise strategy consulting, intellectual property, technology transaction, investment and financing, talent connection, etc.
3. High-quality cooperation project will have chance to obtain the investment and financing support of investment organizations.
4. Obtain the contest bonus.

Contest awards

Contest schedule and form

The contest consists of several links such as collection and publication of contest problems, signing-up, preliminary examination of qualification, preliminary contest, centralized docking activity, final, award ceremony, etc.

Collection and publication of contest problems

The competition committee will surround the intelligent equipment, new generation of information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection and other leading industries, organize and select relevant industrial enterprises as the problem-setting units of the contest. Each unit shall submit the contest demands according to the releasing template of contest problems. After the collection of contest problems, the competition committee will organize to hold the centralized polishing meeting of contest problems and hold contest kick-off meeting and releasing conference of contest problems on May 15 at the Development Area and office of Silicon Valley stationed in the USA synchronously.

before May 15


After the contest kick-off meeting, contestants can be access to the signing-up system to sign up, fill in signing-up information and upload competing plans through special signing-up channel of "HUABO CUP" contest.

May 15 to June 15

Preliminary examination of qualification

The organizer will conduct preliminary examination of qualification of contestants and will not give further notice for applicants who don't conform to the competing conditions and fail to submit application materials according to requirements.

June 16 to June 17

Preliminary contest

The signing-up of the contest will be close on June 15. After successful signing-up of competing teams, the teams shall provide demand solutions according to technical demand contents of the contest problem. The electrical version of solutions shall be sent to the competition committee before June 15, and the competition committee will distribute them to each problem-setting enterprise for selection. Competing teams passing the selection shall be qualified for the final. The problem-setting enterprises shall give back the list of teams entering the final before June 20. The signing number of letter of intent of each problem-setting enterprise shall not be more than 5 in principle.

June 18 to June 20

Centralized docking activity

Organize the communication and docking activity between competing teams and problem-setting enterprises for competing teams advancing to the final. The activities notice would be released soon, attenders please be alert.

June 21 to July 9


Teams advancing to the final shall demonstrate the selected demand solutions through project road show. The competition committee will invite experts to conduct discussion and evaluation on demand solutions submitted by the competing teams grouped by contest problems. The scoring will adopt hundred-mark system and the ranking of each contest problem will be determined according to the score order.

July 10

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will be held on the opening ceremony of "Huabo Expo".

July 13